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Corporate Wellness

Improve staff wellbeing and increase productivity with wellness tailor-made solutions for your workplace, regardless of the amount of space available.


Hotel Wellness Centre Solution

Offering a host of attractive amenities, such as a commercial-quality Hotel Wellness Center, pools, spas, theaters, deluxe room furnishings and the like.


Education Wellness

Building a healthy relationship with exercise for personal wellness is important for every individual.


Wellness Residential Solution

Wellness Outcomes are Influenced by the Environments we Live in. As more people become Health & Wellness conscious, Wellness Facilities within Residential Environments are now a sought- after service by both home buyers and renters.

Corporate Wellness

Improve staff wellbeing

  • Improves employee morale, engagement and job satisfaction

  • Promotes better health, increases productivity and strengthens team spirit

  • Improved relations, decreases health costs and aids recruitment

  • Motivates employees, increases retention and reduces stress levels

  • Keeps staff energised, decreases absenteeism and improves cardiovascular fitnes

  • Reduces coronary risk factors increases muscular strength

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease by 40% and lowers the risk of stroke by 27%

  • Pride in the organization, increased happiness and a more positive outlook

  • Arrests mental and emotional distress

Bring wellness into your company

Bring Wellness into your Corporate Environment. It is time for employers to perceive employees not as static human resources but as vibrant human becomings, with untold potential to be unleashed toward positive outcomes. Elevate the capacity to thrive and make thriving a game-changer for your teams, relationships & organisations.

More businesses are realizing that creating a positive company culture - placing staff and their wellbeing at the center of the equation - is both essential for attracting and retaining top talent, and for communicating brand message more effectively . A Well, aligned and present as possible Team will make the best, most conscious decisions that will make the brand a success. Wellness and work are interdependent.

The aim of the Corporate Wellness Programme is to encourage your staff to adopt a healthier lifestyle both at work, home and everywhere else. A company that supports employees' wellness is highly regarded as caring. It creates a culture that makes all employees feel the company truly cares. Work has a lot to offer that can improve WELLNESS – a sense of purpose, a creative outlet, friendship, and a supportive environment to develop healthy habits.

The benefits for, and investment in , must be well communicated and become an intrinsic part of the culture of the company. Managers and leaders ought to model positive behavior. Walk the talk. Executives and managers need to start and lead the movement for employees to be "WELL" and make lifestyle changes. This provides the right environment for relationship building and perpetuation of stronger workplace relationships. Social and emotional connections at work have major physical and mental health outcomes.

Conversely, wellness and work can and should be mutually enhancing in a virtuous circle. When we are healthy, well-rested, and motivated, we bring a high level of energy to our work. Our minds are sharp, we are positive, we make better decisions, and we are more effective and productive at our jobs. Work can also improve our wellness in many ways. Since many of us spend up to half of our waking hours at work, the workplace is an ideal and critical environment to help us develop healthy habits. Work can provide a healthy social setting and give us a sense of purpose or accomplishment, such as when we feel appreciated by our customers, when we have camaraderie with people we like and respect, or when our work has made a positive impact in the world. These positive feelings can improve our emotional and mental wellness as well as our physical health.

Some companies are starting to recognize the interdependency between wellness and work – and, more broadly, between employee wellness and the company’s ability to compete and innovate – and they are taking action. In particular, many industry innovators and disruptors are explicitly recognizing that recruiting, energizing, motivating, and taking care of their employees is their competitive edge and wellspring of innovation. Some are taking the concept of employee wellness to a whole different level, addressing multiple aspects of individual wellness– from physical and mental health and work-life balance, to fair pay, the organization of work itself, and the alignment of work with employees’ intrinsic motivations.

Education Wellness

Improve student wellbeing

  • Physical exercise offers profound and far-reaching benefits to students of all ages

  • Promoting good health on campus and a better learning environment

  • More enthusiasm and motivation, great opportunities for cross-curricular learning

  • Awareness of body inputs & outputs and assisting students with eating disorders and chronic health issues

  • Boost student's mood, relax their body, and leave the students feeling happier and more focused.

  • Ensures that easy access to unhealthy foods on campus won’t contribute to weight gain or emotional strain.

  • Increases participation in sport and reduces absenteeism from classes

  • Increased concentration level and decreased fatigue in classes

  • College health centers are actively engaged in fighting the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs and promoting good nutrition, sleep, and exercise.

  • The mission of health centers is being redefined to include not just treating medical problems but also managing serious chronic conditions and promoting healthy habits. As they learn to manage their own health and health care with less parental oversight, they are forming habits that will affect well-being, learning, and personal and career fulfillment over a lifetime

Universities & Schools

In a world where more and more young people lead sedentary lifestyles, the threat to their physical and social health is immediate and real. Building a healthy relationship with exercise for personal wellness is important for every individual, especially college students. In a dynamic world filled with stress, sedentary lifestyles, and negative media induced body image ideals, it is important for students to build healthy habits now to jumpstart a lifetime of wellness. College is the absolute best time for students to learn the importance of making time and dedicating energy to a health and fitness program,”  “The habits set in college will transfer into their lives after college. It is our job to teach how to care for the body, just as we do the brain. It’s invaluable, it’s life long, and it’s life changing.”

The human body is meant to move, and quite frankly, needs to move! The many benefits of exercise prove that the act of fitness is more than just losing weight or looking good in a bathing suit. Exercise can build confidence, reduce and relieve stress, improve learning and mental health, and can build healthy relationships around common interests in well-being, and more. Healthy  and active individuals are generally those with stronger immune systems and are less likely to catch colds and viruses that spread around campus.

The new focus on health in the broadest sense provides critical support to the academic mission. As Dr. Daniel Silverman and colleagues noted in a 2008 article, science in the past two decades has validated what many educators have always known: “Health creates capacity; students whose health status is positive and flourishing have greater ability and readiness to learn and engage fully in all meaningful educational experiences inside and outside the classroom. . . . The learner as a whole person matters in the learning.”

Hotel Wellness Center Solution

I'M Healthy Solution

  • Selecting, supplying, installing and maintaining commercial-grade fitness equipment is our core skill set

  • When you start an order, our WELLNESS Equipment Experts will help you design your entire Hotel Fitness Center, based upon budget and space requirements

  • Once you’ve placed your order, our Fitness Engineers will deliver the equipment to your hotel and install everything

  • They’ll also perform regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs

  • Should a machine break down, we’ll have someone there to repair or replace it promptly

  • Simply put, we take care of everything and ensure that you have a commercial-quality Hotel Fitness Center that makes your hotel a cut above the rest

Hotels and Hospitality Providers

The primary goal of hotels and hospitality providers is to maximize occupancy levels and repeat order guests. In today’s competitive marketplace, that means offering a host of attractive amenities, such as a commercial-quality Hotel Wellness Center, pools, spas, theaters, deluxe room furnishings and the like.

Consumer preference studies have shown that business travelers who spend a great deal of time on the road want to stay in shape and maintain their workout schedule, wherever they may be. They often decide which hotels to stay in based upon the availability and quality of the Hotel Fitness Center. Hence, if you wish to attract a steady stream of repeat order guests, as well as vacationers and tourists, then a Hotel Fitness Center should be your top priority.

But simply buying gym equipment and installing it in an empty room won’t do. There is a vast difference between standard home gym equipment and commercial-grade fitness equipment. Home gym equipment will break down constantly, angering your guests and costing you time, money, and headaches. In contrast, commercial-grade fitness equipment is built to withstand the heavy usage you can expect at your Hotel Fitness Center.

Wellness Residential Solution

I'M Healthy Solution

  • We create a unique and exclusive lifestyle for your current & prospective residents

  • We ensure that residents enjoy a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of their residential environment

  • IM HEALTHY core skill set is selecting, supplying, installing and maintaining commercial-grade fitness equipment

  • I'M HEALTHY Offers you the opportunity to attract new buyers, renters, and retain current tenants, by providing a health-club quality Apartment Fitness Center that’s convenient and hassle-free.

  • And the best part is, we take care of all the logistics for you.

  • IM HEALTHY will handle delivery, setup, and installation

  • Our dedicated team of Fitness Equipment Experts will help you determine your fitness equipment needs based upon budget and size parameter

  • Once completed, we will deliver all your health-club quality fitness equipment right to your door

  • Our certified Fitness Engineers will assemble and install your equipment per your Apartment Fitness Center floorplan

  • Once everything is up and running, we will send our Fitness Engineers to perform regular maintenance and repairs

  • If a machine should break, then we will have someone there to repair or replace it in a timely fashion

  • IM HEALTHY has many years of experience servicing Apartment Fitness Centers, with clients ranging from small, ten-unit apartment buildings to massive apartment complexes

  • We stand by our reputation and look forward to helping you create a stellar Apartment Fitness Center

Transforming Your Residential Space Into A Wellness Experience

Wellness is Elevating Real Estate to Healthier Heights. As more people become health & Wellness conscious, Wellness Facilities within Residential Environments are now a sought- after service by both home buyers and renters.

People’s health outcomes are influenced by the environments they live in. Real estate and communities that intentionally put people's health at the center of design, creation and redevelopment are the next frontier in residential real estate. Homes, buildings and communities are being completely reimagined to be healthier for people and the planet.

Communities that provide wellness concepts & encourage healthy behavior like exercising, walking, jogging, fitness, yoga and socializing, actualize the Wellbeing and Longevity of residents.

The primary goal of Real Estate Owners and Management companies is to ensure maximum occupancy in all their properties. In today’s competitive market, Wellness Facilities are a must-have as they attract clients & distinguish your properties from the rest of the pack. Other luxury amenities, such as pools, hot tubs, spas, saunas, top-end furnishings and brand new appliances are also important.